How to Make Energy Ball

Energy ball, in this universe there is energy. Humans have the ability to control and harness that energy, for example, to change the weather like in the previous article, the actual energy or psi can be used for anything.

Simple step how to make Energy ball
Previously, you try to sit down to relax in a quiet room, and then you close your eyes, feel the air around you there is energy, sunlight, temperature, sound is energy, the earth, nature, you can feel the energy around you.

How to Make Energy Ball

Starting a workout
1. Close to both hands as you hold the ball / ideally sized Rasengan, both hands do not touch.

2. Close your eyes and focus into between the palms of your hands.

3. Now feel the energy around you met there, feel the energy continue to come together and form a ball in the middle between the palms of your hands, maybe you will feel the warmth, pushes and pulls, even a subtle power, you are able to collect energy.

4. Let the energy come together, feel the energy ball was getting stronger, but still the size.

You have made a psi ball, step 5 and 6 is up to you

5. Once the energy is large enough, do not open your eyes first, try to give suggestions to the ball, such as weather changes, your friends get sick and then be cured, or whatever, devote your imagination to the ball.

6. Open your eyes and throw the ball gently.

Do not force it, but 'keep concentration and feel' the energy gathered in the middle between the palms of your hands.

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